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Lead Generation

Automating lead generation is the best, and least expensive, way to maintain a full pipeline while critical resources are permitted to work on other revenue sensitive tasks.



Submission Intake

Automation can extract data from sources like ACORD forms, spreadsheets, loss runs, and brokers' emails to help underwriters collaborate effectively and make faster and more accurate risk decisions.



Market Indications

Push one button to send indication requests to all of your active or selected markets. The underwriters can easily respond directly back from within the email which simplilfies communication process.



Quote Processing

AI automation efficiently aggregates and assembles information received for quotes, while keeping track of additional versions during the process.



Product Recommendation

AI automation can assist in recommending insurance products for customers accurately and efficiently, eventually improving the competitiveness of the insurance company.



Policy Servicing

Automated intake of policy details enables integration with the policy administration system to retrieve details related to each policy. This reduces the manual effort required for policy endorsements


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Everything within your company is created through a process. Ineract is a configurable platform that brings assemble-line performance to all your document, data and information processes.



Process automation technologies will alter who is needed to complete each task. Ineract process action plans are designed improve resource accountability, efficiency and teamwork.



Metrics are critical to achieve expected results and continual improvement. Ineract includes integrated business and resource metrics that continuously capture critical data.


AI driven process management

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The role of AI in insurance has been growing by leaps & bounds, from claims processing to compliance to risk mitigation and damage analysis. AI has incredible potential across the entire insurance value chain, from marketing to underwriting and claims management. AI is fundamentally changing the way insurers have been operating over the years. Levering AI and Machine Leaning systems is the only way to satisfy customer demands, while staying ahead of your competitors. Let us show you our solutions can improve your processes, people and profits - without interrupting business operations and relationships.

* We offer back office outsourcing solutions that reduce your operating costs by at least 20%.


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Improve process, people
and profits.


Process Transparency

You can instanly see exactly the scope of work needed to be completed along with all resource activities.


Work Prioritization

Not all work is equal so the system automatically prioritizes based on your defined criteria.


Task Efficiency

The system automatically aggregates similar work while providing necessary tools and information to complete tasks.


Collaborative Teamwork

This a revolutionary feature that allows you to remove unecessary management resources - a must see feature.


Personal & Company Metrics

The system automically collects, and displays, metrics for resources and the company providing realtime performance evaluations.


Process Improvement

Continuous process ( and reource ) improvement is a must for every insurance related company. It's at the core of what we do.

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